Before you even take the first step to sell your used clothes on ThredUP, know that you won’t be able to pay your mortgage or even eat at a fancy restaurant with the proceeds from your sales. However, if you’re determined to give it a try, here are tips to help you:

To succeed to sell clothes for money on ThreadUp, sort out your clothes

The mistake most first-time cloth sellers on ThredUP make is to clean out their closets and ship their clothes to ThredUP. ThreadUP has a very rigorous auditing process, and your clothes can be returned because they don’t meet the site’s criteria. So, you need to sort out the clothes that you don’t need anymore into two groups; high-value clothes and low-value clothes.

High-value clothes are new and slightly used clothes from well-known brands or designers. Low-value garments are those that have been extensively used and were not bought from recognizable brands or designers. This group also encompasses clothes that are stretched, faded, or showing signs of wear. Low-value items may not make it past the ThredUP auditing process, so spare yourself the disappointment early by not shipping them.

Think of sending seasonally appropriate clothes if you want to sell clothes for money on ThredUP effectively

It’s a good idea to ship seasonal clothes to ThredUP if you’re going to have success with the platform. Even ThredUP encourages that. This makes sense because no one will buy winter clothes in the summer. So in the course of sorting out your clothes, make sure you keep that in mind. Set no-seasoned garments aside and ship them when the season comes around. 

Before you sell clothes for money on ThreadUP, know that the processing of your clothes might take longer

ThredUP clearly states on their website that processing of clothes takes 1 to 3 weeks. It might even go beyond 3 weeks. You may even go for weeks without any notification of receipt of your clothes. This could be due to the backlog of clothes that need to be processed. Well, if you’re the kind of person who isn’t patience, ThredUP is not the best platform for you.


With this rundown, you might ask yourself if ThredUP is a great platform to sell your used clothes online. ThredUP can be a great platform to sell clothes for money without minimal effort, but you will have to try it out to find out. And to try it out, you’ll need to pay $10. And to get your clothes back if they are not accepted, you’ll have to pay an additional $11. This can feel like a gamble. So, you’ll have to decide for yourself if you want to try it or not.


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