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Not too long ago, online eBooks business opportunities were limited. People viewed the platform with cynicism, not believing that people will ever switch to digital books. But, now more and more self-published authors are springing up. Many are realizing that if they write quality content, they can easily sell eBooks online.
All those of you who consider yourself writers, you too can make a fortune if you sell eBooks. Do you feel unsure about investing your energy in writing? After all, what if no one reads your work? It is natural to feel doubtful. But, you should know that there are various success stories out there. Many self-published authors have succeeded in leaving a mark. Let’s look at two of the best self-published authors and see whether we can inspire you.
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Who will be your target audience?

Amanda Hocking

Amanda Hocking is now as a paranormal fiction writer. What a lot of people don’t know is that success didn’t come to her in conventional ways. Instead, she had to take the long and hard way. There was a time when she was trying to make ends meet through a day caring job while spending her nights on her writing desk. But, she was unable to get her big break.
Year after year, the number of unpublished books she wrote accumulated. By 2010, she had written 17 books, all of which had been rejected by publishers. After Amazon started getting popular among the masses, she decided to self-publish her book called, “My Blood Approves” on the platform. Slowly, the book started selling. She soon published two more books of the same series. She started earning enough money to be able to quit her job. Now, she is known as a best-seller author.
Who will be your target audience?
The opportunity to sell eBooks allowed her to control the prices of her books. While she began by selling her work at a low cost during the early days, she was able to increase the prices soon after. Her story is a true representation of how there is light at the end of a dark tunnel. When faced with rejections in your life, keep persisting and be determined. Who knows what the future holds for you.

E.L. James

Some of you might know her as the author of “50 Shades of Grey” and the other books she published in the series. However, few know that the series was not published by a publishing house. Instead, E.L James self-published it online in 2011. She also independently published it in paperback on demand.






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“I thought it was a very interesting blog, thank you very much for all the advice given… I will put it into practice!.”

The books not only went ahead to be one of the bestselling erotica, but were popular enough to be converted into movies. Even though it hasn’t fared well with critics, there is no stopping 50 shades trilogy! Till now, it has sold more than 100 million books.
E.L James did a lot of work to get to this position. She developed a fanbase by writing for free for a long time in different fan fiction sites. This ensured that when she did publish her own writing, there were a lot of people who created a word of mouth of effect for her.

Lessons learned

The success stories of E.L James and Amanda Hocking show that selling eBooks online can pay off. You must be confident about your talent and leave the rest of it to the platform. If you wish, you can also create your own website for this purpose. There is various eBooks websites template which you can use. Learn from these stories. Start your own eBook selling business. The future in this field is bright.


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